isoloc universal precision machine shoes UMS (pat.)

Our machine shoes are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to protect their machines and systems from vibrations and shocks. By using high-quality vibration dampers in our machine feet, you can be sure that your machine is optimally protected against vibrations, has a longer service life and achieves the best production results.

Our patented machine shoes are precisely height-adjustable and can therefore be easily adapted to your needs.
Optimum adaptation to the working conditions increases safety when operating your machine.

    Advantages of our machine shoes

    Our machine shoes are characterized by the following features:

    • Patented design.
    • Quick and exact positioning of even the heaviest machines.
    • Very precise and smooth leveling of even heavy loads.
    • Various designs for compressive loads from 1,000 N/element to 1,000,000 N/element.

    Our machine shoes are suitable for a wide range of machines and offer a perfect fit for almost all machine types.
    In addition, they enable fast and cost-effective alignment of long and non-rigid machines or substructures or of interlinked systems.

    Structure of an isoloc UMS (pat.)

    Another advantage is the saving in assembly time of up to 50% thanks to precision leveling and the free installation of your machines on our machine feet.
    Our machine feet also help to improve the dynamic behavior of machines and reduce noise.

    UMS 3D-Modell. Scroll for zoom and move with pressed mouse button.
    UMS8/SL Steel Line 3D-Modell. Scroll for zoom and move with pressed mouse button.

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