Machining centers from DMG Mori

Ceiling installation of 5-axis machining centers - how to do it right!

The problem:
A 130 kN 5-axis machining center from DMG MORI had been causing vibration problems at a renowned cleaning equipment manufacturer in Baden-Württemberg for four years. These limited the machine performance to 50% of capacity.


Our proposed solutions

First solution by isoloc:
Without extensive analysis, isoloc opted for a pragmatic approach: use of 5 universal precision machine shoes UMS with isoloc high-performance elastomers for a total of € 775.

(A) Technical: The isoloc machine shoes significantly improved the situation and increased machine performance by 30%.
(B) Economically: The decision to use isoloc saved €29,225 compared to an alternative air spring solution.

Second solution by Isoloc:
A more elastic structure with an additional IPL I vibration isolation plate was proposed to further increase efficiency and prevent the machine from slipping.

The additional IPL I plate reduced floor vibrations by a further 10-20%, further improving machine performance.


Expensive air spring systems are not always the best solution for vibration-related challenges. With expertise and communication, efficient and cost-effective solutions such as those from isoloc can be found. Supposed savings through inexpensive bearing elements can be more expensive in the long term.

Another example: A HERMLE C400 machine also purchased by the customer, equipped with isoloc systems as standard, was put into operation within one day with the maximum promised performance.