HERMLE machining centers "stand" on isoloc

HERMLE machining centers, known for their highly dynamic 5-axis / 5-sided machining, have relied on isoloc's advanced vibration isolation solutions for many years. This partnership ensures optimum machine performance and precision. Learn more about HERMLE machining centers.


Our proposed solutions

Advantages of isoloc machine bearing systems and machine shoes
The use of special isoloc original machine bearing systems and machine shoes offers several decisive advantages for the operating performance of HERMLE machining centers:

  1. Optimization of dynamic behavior:
    • Vibration damping significantly improves the dynamic behavior of the machines, resulting in increased precision during machining.
  2. Noise reduction:
    • Effective structure-borne sound insulation significantly reduces the noise level in the production environment, contributing to a more pleasant working atmosphere.
  3. Easier assembly:
    • The systems allow machines to be leveled quickly and precisely, which reduces installation time and facilitates commissioning.


The specialized bearing systems and machine shoes from isoloc are a key component for the performance and efficiency of HERMLE machining centers. By optimizing dynamic behavior, reducing noise and simplifying assembly, these systems offer comprehensive added value for users in high-precision manufacturing.