Structure-borne sound insulation of an indoor crane

Vibrations and structure-borne noise were to be reduced in a new event and training center of the leading European indoor crane manufacturer to such an extent that the crane building and the immediate surroundings would not be disturbed during demonstrations of the new indoor crane. Isoloc was commissioned to design the corresponding elastic elements and to calculate the static and dynamic behavior of the crane structure.

Method and solution

First calculation model
To evaluate the overall system with the various isoloc support elements, the rigid body eigenmodes were calculated in the first calculation model.

Second calculation model
In the second calculation model, the passage of the crane over the central support structure and four bearing points was simulated in order to draw conclusions about the influence of the various bearing points of the two crane runway girders.

isoloc solution
Use of MULTIDAM MD-2axis angular contact bearings


After implementing our measures, the crane runways operate very quietly; vibrations are not noticeable.