Digital printing machines (corrugated board)

Effective vibration isolation for a BOBST digital printing machine

A leading European manufacturer of solid and corrugated board packaging solutions was planning to install a new printing system, the Bobst Geneva 2. The challenge was that a Mastercut system with a die-cutting unit was being operated in the immediate vicinity of the planned installation site, the area of which had a basement. The operation of the Mastercut system caused noticeable vibrations, especially in the basement area, which represented a potential impairment for the new printing system.

Solution approach and implementation

Solution approach
In order to minimize the transmission of vibrations to the Bobst Geneva 2, the decision was made to install the printing system on a specially designed isoloc vibration foundation. Before starting the construction work, isoloc carried out vibration measurements in order to precisely record the vibrations and select the optimum vibration isolation elements.

Technical implementation
The solution consisted of mounting the vibration foundation block on 135 isoloc IPK66 vibration isolation packs, which can effectively isolate vibrations from 10 Hz. An FEM calculation of the foundation block ensured that the requirements for the natural bending frequency of at least 25 Hz were met.

Challenges and adjustments
The original planning envisaged a foundation block thickness of 0.50 m. However, the results of the vibration measurements and the recommendations based on them for the highly elastic IPK66 vibration isolation packages showed that this thickness would not be sufficient to achieve the required natural bending frequency of at least 25 Hz. After further FEM calculations and modal analyses by isoloc engineers, a minimum thickness of 1.5 m was determined for the 20 m long foundation block - three times the originally planned thickness.


By adapting the foundation block thickness and using the specified isoloc vibration isolation packages, the requirement for a natural frequency of over 25 Hz was successfully met. These measures guarantee effective vibration isolation for the Bobst Geneva 2 printing system, ensuring the precision and quality of print production under demanding conditions.