Areas of application for isoloc FEDAM elements

The FEDAM elements can be used for both source isolation and receiver isolation. When used as a source isolator, the vibrations of the following devices and machines can be reduced:

FEDAM spring elements from isoloc

Our machine mounting systems for effective damping

FEDAM®spring elements from isoloc are low-frequency vibration isolators for machines that can achieve low tunings of ƒov ≈ 3 to 5 Hz and a degree of damping ratio D of 1 % to 10 %.

The vibration damper can be fitted both inside and outside the spring. Our spring elements have a deflection of 3 - 45 mm and vertical stiffnesses of 45 N/mm to 975 N/mm. This allows the FEDAM spring elements to significantly reduce vibrations.

Our FEDAM machine mounting systems have a sliding protection plate (GPL) on the top and bottom. The spring elements can be free-standing or bolted to a foundation and the respective machine. In either case, the vibration damper ensures that vibrations are reduced and quickly dissipate.

Use of FEDAM elements:

  • Fans

  • Blowers

  • Fans

  • Air conditioners

  • compressors

  • Generating sets

  • pumps

  • textile machines

  • smaller presses

  • combined heat and power plants

  • and much more.

FEDAM 3D-Model. Scroll for zoom and move with the mouse button pressed.

FEDAM suspension elements: Technical data, prices

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