General FAQs

Specification of the maximum load in Newtons?
Why do the isoloc vibration insulation panels have different colours?
What material are the leveling plates, screws and machine shoes made of?
Are the vibration isolation and anti-slip panels recyclable?
Where is isoloc used everywhere?
The coefficient of friction of isoloc vibration insulation panels?
Are the vibration insulation panels available in dimensions larger than 500 x 500 mm?
How do the isoloc vibration isolation panels and packages and machine shoes have to be loaded?
What must be observed with an elastically mounted machine that is anchored to the floor?
Are the isoloc machine shoes also available in stainless steel?
Load capacity of isoloc vibration insulation panels and packages?
What does UMS-ASF, -DSF, -ASA, -DSA, IPL, GPL, IPK mean?
Are isoloc vibration insulation and anti-slip panels free of silicone and PVC?
Resistance to oils, cleaning agents, alkalis, etc.?
How long is the delivery time for standard items at isoloc?
What is the creep behavior of isoloc vibration insulation panels and packages?

Installation technology and assembly

Does a machine have to be fully underlaid with isoloc vibration insulation panels?
When is an NT leveling plate used and when is an NTS leveling plate used?
What material are the leveling plates, screws and machine shoes made of?
Are leveling plates automatically supplied with screws?
Can commercially available adhesive be used to bond the vibration insulation panels?
Up to what temperature can isoloc vibration insulation panels be used permanently?
Does the color change of some insulating panels when exposed to sunlight affect their functionality and service life?
When must horizontal supports (HOAW) be used for an elastic installation of a machine?
How should a UMS machine shoe be installed?
When does a machine need to be anchored?
Can the IPL vibration isolation panels, GPL anti-slip panels and IPK vibration isolation packages be used to compensate for uneven floors?
When should machine shoes with bevel compensation (ball ring compensation) be used?
What is the maximum permissible floor unevenness when using isoloc elements?
Do elastically installed machines need to be anchored?
Do both threaded holes have to be used when screwing on or screwing through the UMS machine shoes?

Vibration technology

How long can the isoloc elements be used?
What is a low / supercritical and what is a high / subcritical tuning?
What is the difference between vibration emission and immission?
What does voting frequency mean?
What influence does the Shore hardness have on the vibration-related (dynamic) properties?
What is the Shore hardness of the individual vibration insulation panels?
What is vibration foundation insulation?
When is a vibration-isolated foundation (vibration foundation) required?
What is receiver insulation?
What is source isolation?
How is the effect of vibration isolation generally specified?
In which unit is a frequency usually specified?
What is meant by natural frequency?
What does resonance mean?
What is vibration damping?
How does vibration isolation work?
What is vibration damping?
What is vibration damping?
What is impact insulation?
What is structure-borne sound insulation?
Are isoloc elements suitable for noise reduction?
Do I need leveling for good vibration isolation?
For machine tools, it is therefore essential to use elements that can be leveled.
What are the benefits of an elastic setup with high damping?