Measuring machine SmartScope CNC 670

Optimization of vibration isolation

A vibration-isolated installation was required for a precise SmartScope CNC 670 measuring machine with a total mass of 3500 kg. According to the manufacturer's specifications, the maximum floor vibrations up to a frequency of 15 Hz must not exceed 1 mg .

Our proposed solutions

During an inspection at our customer's site, it was found that the value of ground vibrations in the vertical direction was significantly higher than the specified maximum at 5.2 mg. Such an exceedance could significantly impair the precision and reliability of the measurement results.

Initial solutions
The first solution proposed was membrane air springs, which had a vertical natural frequency of 2.5 Hz and were to be supported by an additional steel platform. Although this approach was technically feasible, a simpler, maintenance-free and more cost-efficient alternative was sought.

The isoloc solution
The choice fell on the innovative MULTIDAM® 4-axis MD4-16LP/62 (patented) machine mounting systems from isoloc. These systems offer highly effective vibration isolation that is specially tailored to the requirements of high-precision measuring machines.


The implementation of the isoloc MULTIDAM® 4-axis systems led to a significant reduction in floor vibrations, meaning that the manufacturer's specifications were not only met, but exceeded. No vibration problems were encountered during calibration, commissioning or operation. The isoloc solution proved to be effective, maintenance-free and cost-effective, ensuring the long-term operational reliability and measuring accuracy of the SmartScope CNC 670 measuring machine.