Shock insulation for forging presses

Innovative vibration isolation for forging presses with isoloc press mounting systems

A challenge in the manufacturing industry

Retrofitting vibration isolation to forging presses in existing production facilities can present a considerable challenge. Often the foundations have already been completed and the working height of the equipment is largely fixed, with little room for adjustment. These limitations require a solution that is both effective and flexible.


    The solution: isoloc press storage systems

    isoloc offers an optimal solution to this challenge with its press storage systems. Our systems are specially designed to be integrated into existing production environments without the need for extensive changes to the foundations or the installation of additional, long cantilevered steel frames.

      Technical advantages

      • Compact heights: With installation heights of just 68 to 150 mm - optionally with integrated steel pressure distribution plates - our systems enable easy integration into existing systems.
      • Adaptability: Thanks to the flexibility of elastomers, the bearing surfaces of our systems can be designed almost freely and adapted perfectly to the local conditions.
      • Maintenance-free and long service life: isoloc press bearing systems are completely maintenance-free and are characterized by high resistance to ageing, making them a reliable long-term solution.
      • Effective vibration reduction: Despite their compact design, our bearing systems effectively reduce vibrations and keep vibration amplitudes low.


      Direct isolation
      Direct isolation with isoloc HPD500 press bearing systems of a 4,400 kN EUMUCO forging press. The transmission of shock-like, transient and periodic interference forces was significantly reduced.

      The direct isolation between the press and the press foundation significantly reduced the vibrations. The foundations of other rigidly installed presses have been damaged by the high dynamic loads and large bearing forces - cracks have formed, foundations have settled and anchor bolts have broken. Isoloc Original press support systems are a relatively simple and economical solution to prevent foundation damage. Due to their adaptability, foundations hardly need to be changed.

      Source isolation
      Source isolation of an EUMUCO forging press on 4 bearing points. The transmission of impact-like residual forces emanating from the press has been significantly reduced. Thanks to the very high damping of the new HD4-G press bearing systems, the swing-out time of the press is very short.

      The forging press has been working to the customer's complete satisfaction since 2012.

      Press data:
      Total weight 1,800 kN

      Vibration-isolated installation
      Vibration-isolated installation of a FARINA forging press on 4 bearing points. The transmission of shock-like residual forces emanating from the press has been significantly reduced. Thanks to the very high damping of the new HD3 press bearing systems, the press swing-out time after the forging process is very short.

      Press data:
      Total weight 1,500 kN
      Press force 20,000 kN

      Vibration and shock isolation
      Vibration and shock isolation of forging presses manufactured by EUMUCO-HASENCLEVER with isoloc press bearing systems of type D-F2-D.
      The transmission of shock-like, transient and periodic disturbance forces has been significantly reduced.


      The isoloc press mounting systems are an outstanding solution for vibration isolation of forging presses, especially when space conditions are a challenge. With their compact design, adaptability and durability, they offer an efficient and maintenance-free option to improve production quality and extend the service life of the equipment.