Vibration isolation panels IPL

isoloc vibration isolation panels IPL for vibration, impact and structure-borne noise isolation

Vibration isolation panels based on synthetic elastomers are nowadays indispensable construction elements in all areas of industry for vibration, impact and structure-borne noise isolation as well as machine mounts.

Our products are specially optimized to meet the needs of vibration isolation and machine mounting technology. Thanks to their special material properties, our products are suitable for numerous areas of application in vibration isolation and the reduction of structure-borne noise.

Innovative vibration and structure-borne noise protection

  • Wide range of applications for a wide variety of requirements thanks to different elastomer compounds
  • Maximum elasticity enables natural frequencies of up to 5 Hz in the vertical direction and maximum damping levels
    over 20%
  • Very good level stability under very high loads, such as IPL 30 with fiber cross-linking up to 5 N/mm²
  • High coefficients of friction allow machines and systems to be installed largely freely
  • Oil/chemical/ageing resistance
  • Our insulating sheets are highly resistant to alkalis, acids and organic and inorganic lubricants.
  • Also for flame-retardant hydraulic media, cleaning agents, etc. and for use in oil pans
  • Very good ageing resistance for all insulating sheets

Your benefit

Benefit from increased productivity and quality through effective isolation and damping of vibrations and create a more humane working environment with reduced noise through structure-borne sound insulation with our products.

The vibration insulation panels are characterized by their easy formability. Isoloc vibration insulation panels can be shaped into almost any desired form - try it out for yourself.

Product tester IPL and IPK

Use our product tester to find the right vibration insulation panels (IPL) or vibration insulation packages (IPK)
for your requirements.

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