Bearing plates for measuring and laboratory equipment from isoloc

Vibration isolation for vibration-sensitive devices

Our vibration-isolating bearing plates made of mineral casting offer a reliable solution for protecting your vibration-sensitive measuring and laboratory equipment.

The isoloc mounting plates are available in different versions - with various elastic feet, with or without leveling and, depending on the model, with a load capacity of up to 1,000 N*.

Your benefits with isoloc bearing plates

  • Easy-to-implement source or receiver isolation for vibration-sensitive measuring and laboratory equipment in conjunction with inherently rigid bases or tables
  • Low bearing natural frequencies of 12.5 Hz in the vertical direction for good receiver isolation
  • Anchor-free installation, resulting in low installation time and costs
  • versatile use in industrial production environments, laboratories and measuring rooms through to clean rooms
  • Maintenance-free due to simple design
  • Flexible for mobile use of your measuring devices

Areas of application for isoloc bearing plates

  • Sensitive table-top devices in general
  • Measuring instrumentsMicroscopes
  • laboratory equipment
  • test equipment
  • optical devices
  • small roughness and roundness measuring devices
  • hardness testers
  • Electronic balances
  • analytical balances
  • microbalances
  • and much more.
  • * applies to the variants: PURDAM IL65 (item no.: 11853), NTS55-M12/B25-NP2 (item no.: 11871), NTS55-M12/HE2-NP2 (item no.: 11872)

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