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isoloc IPK vibration insulation packages for vibration, impact and structure-borne noise insulation - also suitable for larger and heavier machines and systems. The IPK vibration insulation packages provide effective vibration insulation, especially for presses and punching machines where a lower rigidity of the insulation element is required.

Our vibration isolation packages are also consistently efficient in continuous use: heavy presses in hot forming have been operating worldwide for over 15 years in three-shift operation with consistently high isolation and damping.

For optimum use of isoloc IPK vibration isolation packs, we recommend using our measurement and analysis technology beforehand.

The advantages of isoloc vibration insulation packages

  • vertical (dynamic) natural frequency of up to 6 Hz with high attenuation. This means that the technically most important areas of source, receiver and shock isolation can be optimally covered.
  • Free and unanchored installation of almost all machines possible thanks to very high friction coefficients
  • Unchanged elastic properties of the vibration isolation packages even under high dynamic loads.
    Examples: Heavy presses in hot forming, Swiss embassy in Berlin, and many more.
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