Angular contact bearing MULTIDAM

Machine mounting elements for high stability in all spatial directions

The patented isoloc MULTIDAM® machine mounting elements provide highly effective vibration isolation, especially for machines with high dynamic lateral forces.

MULTIDAM machine mounting elements are suitable for source and receiver isolation of machines.

Your benefits with isoloc angular contact bearings MULTIDAM

  • Reliable damping of vibrations and shocks that act simultaneously with the same intensity in all spatial directions.
  • Absorption of vertical and horizontal loads as well as dynamic forces (almost equal vertical and horizontal stiffness)
  • Adjustable dynamic properties
  • Very high damping (up to 30 %), excellent vibration, structure-borne sound and shock isolation, quieter machine stand
MD-2axis 3D-Modell. Scroll for zoom and move with pressed mouse button.
  • Free or fixed installation in conjunction with the isoloc UMS system
  • higher productivity for machine tools due to higher accelerations, jerk and Kv factor
  • better dimensional accuracy, better surface quality
  • less wear on machine and tools

MD-4axis 3D-Modell. Scroll for zoom and move with pressed mouse button.

Angular contact bearing MULTIDAM: Technical data, prices

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