Better workpieces for turning / milling centers

Improvement in workpiece quality

Problem definition
During the integration of turning/milling centers into the production lines of a machine park with over 180 machine tools, INDEX needed to implement receiver isolation for the vibration-sensitive machines. Due to environmental influences and vibration immissions, frequencies were occurring that were significantly disrupting the production process. The required surface quality of the workpieces on the turning/milling centers could not be achieved.


isoloc machine mounting systems from

The patented isoloc MULTIDAM® machine mounting elements provide highly effective vibration isolation, especially for machines with high dynamic lateral forces.


  • Effective protection of machines against vibration immissions.
  • Reduction of vibration movements between tool and workpiece.
  • Complete elimination of the normally required subsequent grinding process. The improvement in the surface roughness [Ra value] of the workpieces was up to 0.2.
  • Savings > 100,000 .- €.

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