Vibration protection for the Swiss Embassy in Berlin

The Swiss Embassy is located in the heart of the government district in Berlin, directly above the B96 road tunnel and the subway. The irregular mechanical vibrations caused by road traffic posed a particular challenge and could potentially affect the integrity and tranquillity of the embassy building.


Solution approach by isoloc
In order to effectively minimize the effects of vibrations, isoloc was commissioned to design a specialized receiver isolation system. Since 1999, the building section has benefited from a tailor-made solution consisting of various isoloc vibration insulation packages that are precisely matched to the individual support loads of the building.

Success monitoring and results
In February 2011, the renowned expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. St├╝hler carried out a comprehensive follow-up measurement at the Swiss Embassy. The aim was to evaluate the long-term effectiveness and durability of the vibration insulation measures.

The results of this review, based both on the statements of the embassy staff and on the actual measurement data, confirmed the continued success of the receiver insulation. The vibration isolation packages implemented by isoloc continue to prove extremely effective.


The successful implementation of vibration isolation in the Swiss Embassy in Berlin demonstrates isoloc's expertise in the development and implementation of customized vibration damping solutions. The positive feedback and the convincing measurement results underline the quality and sustainability of isoloc vibration isolation packages, which ensure quiet and stable operation in demanding environments.