AIRDAM air spring systems

Our AIRDAM machine mounting systems for effective vibration isolation

Air spring as a complete system is becoming increasingly popular as it offers improved comfort and the best vibration isolation. Thanks to passive isolation, AIRDAM air spring systems enable highly effective receiver and source isolation of vibrations and structure-borne noise for machines and units. The systems are also ideal for solving vibration problems in ceiling installations.

Different versions of the AIRDAM spring systems

At isoloc, we have an elastomer-metal connection with a screwed-on base plate, an elastomer air chamber reinforced with steel rings and an air supply via a car tire valve. We also have elastomer bodies made of CR quality with high elasticity and resistance to oil and ageing. You can also choose from up to ten different sizes. Simply select the optimum size for you according to your requirements.

Your advantages with our suspension systems

  • Low-frequency source or receiver isolation for high vibration isolation levels, resulting in less stress for people, machinery and buildings
  • Low vertical rigidity for the lowest bearing natural frequencies: 3 Hz - 5 Hz
  • Anchorage-free installation in conjunction with our GPL anti-slip plates, resulting in reduced installation time / costs
  • Can also be used without pressure (⇒ emergency running properties)

  • Large leveling range: +/- 5 mm or +/- 6 mm, air pressure control.

Areas of application for our air suspension systems

  • Measuring machines
  • Measuring table tops
  • foundations
  • Punching and nibbling machines
  • compressors
  • Fans
  • Air conditioners
  • pumps
  • test benches
  • and much more.

AIRDAM air suspension systems: Technical data, prices

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