Optimization of the KERN Pyramid Nano

The focus of this project was the KERN Pyramid Nano, an ultra-precision machining center known for its exceptional precision in CNC machining. The aim was to optimize machine performance through improved vibration damping.


isoloc solution

Machine specifications

  • Model: Pyramid Nano milling machine
  • Weight: 81 kN
  • Traversing speed: 25 m/min
  • acceleration: 10 m/s┬▓

3 isoloc universal precision machine shoes UMS8-ASF/20-2 were used for the optimization. This selection was based on the need to find a solution that was specifically tailored to the high requirements of the Pyramid Nano.

The installation of isoloc UMS8-ASF/20-2 machine shoes has proven to be extremely successful:

  • Optimal adaptation: The specific properties of the UMS machine shoes harmonize perfectly with the requirements of the Pyramid Nano, which has been confirmed by internal tests at KERN.
  • Improved workpiece quality: The highly damping properties of the machine shoes contribute significantly to the quality of the manufactured workpieces.

Increased tool life : Another positive effect is the longer tool life, which increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the machining center.


The use of isoloc UMS8-ASF/20-2 machine shoes on the KERN Pyramid Nano has significantly improved the vibration behavior of the machine. This measure confirms the importance of targeted vibration isolation for increasing precision and durability in high-precision CNC machining.