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Why vibration measurement with isoloc is worthwhile

Do you have a vibration problem? You should not underestimate it. Because unintentional oscillations and vibrations can impair the results of your production, reduce the service life of your machines and cause massive damage in the long term. It is therefore best to contact specialists with professional vibration measurement and analysis technology - us - for a vibration analysis.

Procedure of our vibration analysis

Our experienced measurement engineers determine the vibrations and dynamic behavior of your machine, building or other object to be protected. Directly at your site, using the latest measuring equipment and methods as well as appropriate software.

After careful analysis and evaluation of the vibration measurements, you will receive a detailed measurement report from us with a description of the measurements, conclusions and suggestions for remedial measures to solve the problem.

Results of our vibration measurements

The primary objective of our vibration measurement and analysis technology is to determine the cause of the vibration or the vibration excitation. In addition, we record the effects of the vibration excitations and disturbances and assess these in accordance with standards and VDI guidelines. After implementing a remedial measure with a solution from isoloc, we also assess the residual vibrations.

Our services in vibration measurement

  • Vibration measurement machines and vibration measurement buildings: metrological and computational determination of dynamic properties (natural frequencies, mode shapes, damping)
  • Options for reducing vibration excitation
  • Determination of objectives and assessment parameters
  • Selection, dimensioning and realization of a remedial measure with isoloc products
  • Assessment of residual vibrations

Vibration measurement and analysis technology

  • amax Maximum value of the vibration acceleration amplitude in mm/s²
  • vmax Maximum magnitude value of the vibration velocity amplitude in mm/s
  • ƒ0 Natural frequency
  • ϑ Degree of damping
  • ƒe Excitation frequency

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Vibration measurement and analysis technology

Dmitri Kammerlocher