Turning / milling centers from INDEX

Less vibration and less noise!

Machines mounted on isoloc: INDEX R200/R300 turning/milling centers with bar loaders

Total mass: 10,000 kg
Total mass: 18,000 kg
Installation date: October 2019

The task for isoloc and the customer's goal was to achieve a reduction in vibrations during operation of the INDEX machines, which caused considerable disturbance to adjacent offices, by means of source isolation.


MULTIDAM®4-axis 3025/PA10/MD4-32LP/UMS8-ASF/I2 (pat.)
and our NT 100/20-2 leveling plates for the chip conveyors.

For the bar feeders, the universal precision machine shoe Steel Line UMS8/SLZ-DSF/3050/PA15/20-2(pat.) made of forged steel and centrically through-bolted was used.


The customer is very satisfied with the result. These machines in particular, which process short bars up to 1 m long and 100 mm thick directly in the jaw chuck, caused considerable vibrations and noise on machines without an Isoloc setup.

Quote from the customer:
"We are glad to have carried out this measure."