Innovative vibration isolation for servo presses with isoloc systems

Servo presses, known as power-operated forming machines, are suitable for a wide range of forming operations due to their unique drive concept - direct drive by servo or torque motors. These motors offer maximum torque even at low speeds and enable high dynamics. The adjustable ram speed leads to faster opening and closing of the press, which significantly reduces cycle times.

Challenge and solution

m To minimize the noise, sound and impact emissions of a servo press without impairing the cycle time, a vibration-isolated and vibration-damped installation is essential.

Solution by isoloc
isoloc provides a cost-efficient and technically sophisticated solution with its innovative MULTIDAM MD (patented) support systems. The main objective of this project was source isolation and the ability to level the heavy machine, especially as a conveyor system is connected. In addition, compliance with the permissible amplitudes of the elastically mounted machine in the x-y-z directions was required.

Technical implementation
After extensive calculations and a modal analysis of the concrete floor slab, the MULTIDAM MD+UMS100/HP2D machine support systems were successfully implemented.

Machine details

  • Type: Servo press 8000-50
  • Machine weight: 2,452 kN
  • Ram and die weight: 400 kN
  • Dynamic forces: 1,810 kN
  • Pressing force: 8,000 kN
  • Total height of the machine: 9,500 mm
  • Installation date: December 2012


By using isoloc's MULTIDAM MD+UMS100/HP2D systems and, for a second type 2000 servo press, the MULTIDAM® MD+UMS45/G2-I2, a significant reduction in vibration, noise and shock emissions was achieved without compromising the efficiency or cycle time of the servo press. This project underlines isoloc's ability to deliver customized solutions for complex industrial manufacturing requirements.