Printed circuit board drilling machines

Highly dynamic systems in electronics production

Optimizing the precision of PCB drilling machines with highly damping set-up elements
PCB drilling machines play a crucial role in the production of electronic components. As highly dynamic systems, they are essential for the production of printed circuit boards where precision and reliability are paramount. To ensure the level stability and positioning accuracy required for these machines, specially developed, highly damped and level-stable set-up elements with a leveling function are of crucial importance.

Technological features and advantages

  • Precise drilling results : The use of highly damping support elements significantly reduces vibrations, which leads to more precise drilling results.
  • Level stability : The special leveling elements ensure a constant height of the machine, which is essential for maintaining the required tolerances in PCB production.
  • Increased efficiency : The higher dynamics and positioning accuracy of the PCB drilling machines achieved by isoloc enable an increase in production speed without compromising on quality.


The integration of highly damping, level-stable set-up elements in PCB drilling machines represents a significant advance in electronics production. Manufacturers of such machines use this technology to maximize efficiency and precision in the high-volume production of printed circuit boards, which ultimately leads to higher product quality and competitiveness.