Air conditioners

Efficient vibration isolation of an air conditioning system on the hospital roof

Air conditioning systems are indispensable for modern building management, but their operation can generate unwanted vibrations and structure-borne noise. These side effects are particularly problematic in sensitive environments such as hospitals, where quiet and stability are essential for the operation and well-being of patients.

Challenge and solution

Solution approach with isoloc

To minimize the vibration transmission of a large air conditioning system on the roof of a hospital, our highly elastic IPK66 vibration isolation packages were used. A total of 87 of these specially developed isoloc elements were strategically placed between a special steel body construction and the ceiling structure to ensure effective isolation.

Challenges and technical implementation
The challenge was to effectively isolate the excitation frequencies of the air conditioning system caused by pumps and compressors at 13.3 Hz, 24 Hz and 48.3 Hz. The technical specifications of the IPK66 vibration isolation packages offer the optimum solution for this:

  • Vertical natural frequency (f0v): approx. 7.6 Hz at a pressure load of 15 N/cm┬▓
  • Horizontal natural frequency (f0h): approx. 2.75 Hz
  • Vertical damping ratio (Dv) : approx. 12 %
  • Horizontal damping ratio (Dh): approx. 11.6 %

Successful result

Thanks to the precise selection and installation of the IPK66 vibration isolation packages, the air conditioning system has been running smoothly and trouble-free to this day. The system's vibration emissions are effectively isolated, which does not affect hospital operations and ensures a quiet atmosphere for patients and staff.