Punching and laser cutting machine

Project report: Vibration isolation of an AMADA EML Z 2515 AJ punch laser cutting machine

In a recent project, the challenge was to set up an AMADA EML Z 2515 AJ punch laser cutting machine in such a way that the environment would not be disturbed by vibrations during operation. At the same time, specific accuracy requirements had to be met to ensure precise and stable operation of the machine.


Our solution

To meet these requirements, the decision was made to use highly elastic vibration foundation insulation with isoloc vibration insulation packages B25-NP24.

This solution enables effective vibration isolation, which not only protects the environment, but also ensures the accuracy of the machine by minimizing vibration amplitudes.

Technical specifications

  • Permissible vibration level:
    • Vibration acceleration during operation: 0.49 m/s²
    • Amplitude: 5 µm
  • Weight data:
    • Weight force of the machine: 269.8 kN
    • Weight force of the concrete block: 643.5 kN
  • Dimensions of the vibration-isolated concrete block:
    • Length: 7.40 m
    • Width: 6.65 m
    • Depth: 0.6 m


By implementing the isoloc vibration isolation packages, it was possible to implement a solution that optimizes the operation of the AMADA punch laser cutting machine. The highly elastic installation ensures a significant reduction in the transmission of vibrations to the surroundings and at the same time meets the machine's high accuracy requirements.