isoloc - our products

We offer you a comprehensive product range for vibration reduction

Isoloc offers you a very wide range of applications in the field of vibration isolation and machine mounts. Our vibration control solutions range from vibration isolation for microscopes and elastic mounting of production machines and systems of all types and industries to vibration reduction for entire buildings.

Your advantages when using isoloc products

Best product quality for maximum productivity

Vibration isolation pads and other isoloc products are manufactured on the basis of high-quality, individually adjustable elastomer compounds and are subject to continuous further development. Our machine mounting systems, machine shoes and vibration isolation pads thus ensure excellent vibration isolation and vibration damping. This increases the product quality and productivity of your machines - by 30 % or more, depending on the application.

All isoloc products are subject to strict quality control and are regularly tested by independent testing institutes for their functionality and maximum static and dynamic load capacity.

Short delivery times for reliable planning

90% of our product range is available from stock at isoloc. This high delivery rate prevents delays and ensures that machines are installed on time - even for special solutions. This makes planning easier for you with isoloc and saves on warehousing costs.

Efficient solution for increased profitability

By improving productivity, protecting the machine from internal and external vibrations and increasing the jerk and KV factors, you demonstrably optimize both total cost of ownership (TCO) and life cycle cost (LCC). And all this with minimal use of materials, time and costs.

In addition, installing your machines on the high-quality, durable isoloc products generally leads to fewer breakdowns - and therefore to fewer repairs and lower tool and maintenance costs.