Reduction of vibration amplitudes in Nuremberg's Max Morlock Stadium

At Nuremberg's Max Morlock Stadium, formerly known as the Frankenstadion, vibrations in the upper tiers of the north curve caused by enthusiastic fans jumping around caused concern. Although these vibrations do not cause any structural damage to the building, they could cause a feeling of insecurity among visitors and, in the worst case, even trigger panic reactions.


Efficient solution with isoloc
To minimize this risk, the stadium management opted for an innovative solution: the installation of 13 steel beams combined with high-performance machine shoes from isoloc. This measure aimed to effectively reduce vibration amplitudes and thus ensure the safety and well-being of stadium visitors.

Cost-effective implementation
Interestingly, the original plan was to use vibration dampers already in use in other areas of the stadium, which would have cost around €700,000. However, the decision in favour of the isoloc solution led to a significantly more cost-effective implementation of the necessary measures, with total costs of only € 170,000, realized at the beginning of 2006.


Thanks to the effective and cost-efficient vibration damping solution from isoloc, 1. FC Nuremberg now not only has passionate fans, but also additional "load-bearing supports" in the literal sense, which contribute to the safety and stability of the Max Morlock Stadium.