Screws and decoupling

isoloc screw program for levelling discs and machine shoes

Important note

All leveling screws are supplied ready for installation with a support nut, lock nut (DIN 934) and washers.


  • Leveling screws with metric standard thread
  • Leveling screws with metric fine pitch thread
  • Leveling screws in stainless steel with fine and standard thread
  • Leveling screws for leveling plates NTS with oscillating thread connection
  • Leveling screws for NT leveling discs with hemispherical head
  • Threaded rods for UMS machine shoes for screwing the UMS to the machine or for screwing through
  • bolting through for floor anchoring in conjunction with adhesive anchors
  • RONKAP insulating rondelle for decoupling screws
  • Special screws, special sizes also in small quantities on request

Your contact person

for screws and decoupling elements

Thomas Eger
Purchasing & Sales