Elastic installation of a Chiron FZ15 Magnum

Improving the quality of workpieces

    A leading textile machine manufacturer was faced with the challenge of improving the quality of the workpiece surfaces. The vibrations acting on the CHIRON FZ 15 MAGNUM machining centers led to undesirable surface defects. The aim was to achieve a roughness depth (Rz) of at least 2.0 in order to meet the precision requirements of the manufactured parts.

    Our solution

    Initial situation
    The following surface roughness depths were measured with the original, rigid installation of the machine:

    • Rz 3.67 in normal operation of the surrounding machines
    • Rz 2.88 with the surrounding machines switched off


    Solution by isoloc
    To achieve the precision targets, isoloc implemented a special elastic setup with the following components:

    • 3 UMS18-ASF/I machine shoes (patented)
    • 4 machine shoes UMS5-ASF/3050/PA15/I (patented)

    The adjustment led to a significant improvement in surface quality:

    • Roughness depth Rz 1.6 during normal operation of the surrounding machines

    These results exceed the targets and provide an additional safety margin for production quality.

    Project overview

    • Machine: CHIRON FZ 15 MAGNUM machining center
    • Total mass: 10,800 kg
    • Number of installation points: 7
    • Installation date: August 2019

    Customer feedback

    "The improvement in surface quality thanks to the elastic installation is impressive. A comparatively simple and cost-effective measure has made a significant difference."