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isoloc - from innovator to quality leader

isoloc was founded in Stuttgart in 1996 with the aim of making machines and systems of all kinds safer and more economical through innovative installation technology and vibration isolation.

Today, we are the quality leader in our sector and operate successfully in all areas of industry, from Stuttgart to Beijing to São Paulo.

Vibration isolation for machines and buildings

When it comes to professional vibration isolation, the size and functionality of your machines are irrelevant: we store smaller machines as well as machine tools, machines and systems from all industries, including forming technology, plastics, printing and paper, chemicals, wood processing, food, electrical engineering and construction.

We can also provide you with low-vibration support for heavy machine foundations (vibration foundations) for large machines and systems.

We even provide vibration isolation for structures and buildings - the Swiss embassy in Berlin is one of our prominent references.

Quality and expertise "Made in Germany"

Our core competence is the development of innovative and high-quality products "Made in Germany" in the field of vibration technology and vibration isolation. Thanks to our strong engineering background, many years of practical experience and research collaborations with Fraunhofer IPA, among others, we also offer our customers valuable services in the areas of analysis, calculations and measurement technology.

Increasing productivity and health

We use state-of-the-art measurement and analysis technology and precise calculations to optimize your machines in terms of vibration. And that's not all: we also measurably optimize the quality of your products and increase your productivity. Depending on the case, you can increase the performance of your machines by 30 % or more with Isoloc vibration control technology.

At the same time, the noise level in your production halls is reduced - a noticeable relief for your employees. To improve their working conditions and health, we have also developed special ergonomic medical workplace mats.

Success through further development

We owe the fact that we have come this far first and foremost to our own long-standing employees. They are all united by high quality standards, a strong commitment and the will to constantly develop further.

We are therefore confident that we will be able to continue to offer you particularly innovative and reliable solutions and services in the future. Feedback from our customers helps us to become even better.

Get to know us - we look forward to a fair, constructive and cooperative partnership!