UMS8/SL-KDSA - screw-through with slope compensation, without vibration insulation plates

SL-KDSA - screw-through for anchoring the machine to the floor with slope compensation, without vibration isolation

  • To compensate for sloping floors or uneven machine bases.
  • No vibration isolation, therefore recommended for pure height compensation of the machine.
  • After levelling, the machine must be anchored to the floor through the machine base.

Fitting: none


What makes our steel machine shoes stand out:

  • Made of forged steel for high loads and rigidity.
  • Patented design.
  • Very precise and smooth levelling of the heaviest machines.
  • Various designs for levelling pressure loads from 1,000 N/element to 80,000 N/element.
  • Excellent force transmission to the foundation or to our highly damping vibration insulation panels thanks to twice the rigidity of comparable cast elements.
  • Zero backlash thanks to the patented 15° inclined running surfaces.
  • The machine shoes of the SLZ series enable a central screw connection.