Research project "Elastomer-damped circular saw flange"

The vibration behavior of circular sawing tools significantly influences the kerf width, cutting quality and noise emission during sawing. Fraunhofer IPA and isoloc Schwingungstechnik GmbH therefore investigated the possibilities of reducing vibrations by incorporating vibration-damping elastomers in the area of the flange clamping.

Summary and outlook

The introduction of damping layers in clamping flanges has considerable potential for sawing. For a tool diameter of 350 mm, a halving of the operating vibration in the edge area of the saw blade was demonstrated. This reduction was demonstrated for three speeds. Measurements of the decay behavior and a consideration of modal damping ratios also showed consistent reductions in vibration behavior.

The new flange system is now to be further developed for woodworking applications. The next step is to transfer the principle to a panel cutting system with tool diameters of up to 650 mm. The aim is to assess the practicality of the flange solution in operation and the effects on cutting quality.

Project period: 2015-2017 (2019)