Vibration Insulation Panels IPL

isoloc Vibration Insulation Panels IPL for the insulation against vibrations, impacts and structure-borne noise

Vibration insulation panels based upon synthetic elastomers have become indispensable as construction elements in all fields of the industry.

Our products have been optimized with regard to the special requirements of the vibration insulation and machine bearing technology.

With the help of our special colour guide system you can distinguish the various qualities easily.


  • Wide scope of applications for various requirements due to different elastomer mixes.
  • Extremely high elasticity enables natural frequencies of 5 Hz in vertical direction and extremely high absorption rates of more than 20 %.
  • Very good level stability at high loads, such as IPL 30 with fibre mesh of up to 5 N/mm².
  • High friction coefficients provide a mostly free setup of machines and plants.  

Resistance against oil / chemicals / aging

  • High resistance of our insulation panels to bases, acids as well as organic and inorganic lubricants.
  • The same is true for flame resistant hydraulic liquids, cleaning agents, etc. and for the use in oil pans.
  • Very high aging resistance of all insulation panels.

 Your benefits

  • High productivity and quality by effective insulation and damping of vibrations.
  • More humane working environments with less noise by structure-borne insulation.
  • Simple shape. Isoloc vibration insulation plates can be designed in each required shape. 

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