Ergonomy - company health management - safety at work

Ergonomy is a competitive factor

Ergonomical workplaces reduce lost time and increase safety at work

The joints of ankles, knees, hips and the spinal column are the most vulnerable points of the human skeletal and musculoskeletal apparatus.

Hard floors and work shoes with little dampening effect might lead to degenerative changes of the muscular and skeletal system.

The goal of an ergonomical workplace design consists of reducing the load of work and, simultaneously, improving the object-related performance.


Our products ERGOMED® / ERGOLASTEC / ERGOPUR ensure

  • pleasant standing position without fatigue
  • relief of joints, spinal column and spinal discs
  • improved blood circulation to avoid venous or joint deseases
  • cold floors are "isolated"
  • reduced risk of slipping
  • chamfered leading-edges avoid accidents
  • integrated drainages
  • high friction coefficient

„After years of pain in the back and extreme fatigue after work, I do not feel so exhausted in the evenings any more. Now I can do activities in my leisure time again for which I have not had the power so far. Great!”

Statement of an employee in a factory for cold forming technology with presses and punches.
Used product: isoloc ERGOMED® oil


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