Why vibration insulation and machine installation technology from isoloc?

We offer a full one-stop service.

Insulation of vibrations, structure-borne noises and impacts

  • receiver insulation
  • source insulation
  • building insulations

Precise machine setup

  • quick alignment
  • exact alignment
  • safe setup
  • free setup

Optimization of machine tools

  • increase in productivity
  • increase in quality
  • increase of the Kv factor
  • increase of the "jerk"

Supportive services

  • vibration measuring (SM)
  • finite elements method (FEM)
  • CAD data (stp,igs,dxf, and others)
  • multiple-body simulations (MKS)

State-of-the-art measuring and analysis technology enable solutions with a well-founded analytical basis and a recommendation of technically and economically optimal products. This saves costs by exact evaluation and solution of your application problems, and avoids wrong decisions.

Wide range of application

Our product array provides a wide range in applications. From the insulation of vibrations for a microscope, along all manufacturing machines and plants of various branches to the vibration insulation of buildings as a whole.

Individually "adjustable" elastomer mixtures enhance the efficiency of your machines and production plants. Continuously developed vibration insulation panels provide a very good vibration insulation/damping and thus increase the product quality and productivity of your machines.

All products are subject to a strict quality control.

Short delivery times

high volumetric efficiency - 90 % available from stock - even for special solutions prevent delays during the setup process of your machine. It simplifies or shortens the scheduling and provides scheduling reliability. You save stockholding costs.

Economic Efficiency

Influence on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Life-Cycle-Cost (LCC)...

...by improvement of productivity, protection of the machine against natural or external vibrations as well as increase of jerk and Kv factors, which can be attained with little effort of material, time and costs. 

The setup of high-quality machines on high-quality and long-lasting products, such as our isoloc elements, leads generally to less downtimes and thus to less repairs and lower tooling and maintenance costs.

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