Vibration measuring and analysing technology

A vibration problem within a company is often a very difficult task to be solved by the responsible persons. Therefore it is sometimes recommended to measure the vibration at real objects on-site.

Examination Process

  • Investigation of the vibrations or of the dynamic behaviour of an object to be secured on-site at your premises - of course with state-of-the-art measuring devices and related software, carried out by our experienced measurement engineers.
  • Thorough evaluation of the measurements.
  • Establishment of a report about the measurements, containing a description of the measurements, conclusions and propositions for corrective measures.

The goals of these examinations are:

  • Investigation of the reason or of the generation of the vibrations.
  • Assessment of the effects of the generation of vibrations and of malfunctions.
  • Evaluation of the malfunctions in accordance with the standards and VDI guidelines.
  • Assessment of the dynamic characteristics (natural frequency, inherent forms, damping) through measurements and calculations.
  • Clarification of the possibility to reduce the generation of vibrations.
  • Determination of the objectives and evaluation criteria.
  • Selection of a corrective measure.
  • Dimensioning of the selected measure.
  • Realisation of the selected measure by using isoloc products.
  • Evaluation of the remaining vibrations.


Evaluation criteria:


amaxMaximal value of the amplitude of the vibration acceleration in mm/s²
vmaxMaximal value of the amplitude of the vibration velocity in mm/s
ƒ0Natural frequency


Damping ratio
ƒeExcitation frequency

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