Structure-borne noise insul. indoor crane

Vibrations and structure-borne noise in a new event and training centre of the leading European indoor crane manufacturer had to be reduced so that the crane house and the immediate environment are not disturbed by demonstrations of the new indoor crane.

Isoloc was engaged to design the appropriate elastic elements and to calculate the static and dynamic behaviour of the crane construction.

In the first calculation model the rigid body natural modes were calculated in order to evaluate the total system with the various isoloc setup elements.

In the second calculation model the passing of the crane over the central supporting structure and four mounting points was simulated to draw conclusions about the impact on the different setup points of both crane girders.

isoloc-solution: Angular Mounting System MULTIDAM MD-2axis

Result: The crane runways "work" very quietly. Vibrations are not perceived.

image 1: MULTIDAM® MD45/I15 on a support
image 2: MULTIDAM® MD45/I15
image 3: CAD-model of the crane runway construction as basis of the calculation model
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