Building vibration insulation (1)

Housing area City-Carre, Gartenstrasse 89/90, Berlin Centre

In the city-centre of Berlin close to the former Wall a residential and business house was built with an ageless and authentic architecture.

It concerns a luxury housing area with more than 30 owner-occupied dwellings. For the protection against structure-borne sound from the tramway and urban railway nearby, an elastic installation of strip-shaped isoloc elements between base plate and foundation plate was realized.

Completion of the measures: December 2013.



Building insulation (2)

Swiss Embassy

In the government quarter of Berlin, the Swiss Embassy was built over the road tunnel of the B96 and the metro. 

To keep the effects of the vibrations of the unregulated mechanical vibrations caused by the traffic away from the embassy building, isoloc was assigned to lay out the receiver insulation.

Since 1999 the part of the building has been standing on various isoloc vibration insulation packs, which are exactly attuned to the individual bearing loads of the building.

In February 2011 the expert Prof. Dr.Ing. W.Stühler carried out a measurement at the Swiss Embassy to test the efficiency and durability of this measure.

The results, according to the statements of the employees of the Embassy as well as the measurement results, were very convincing.

The recipient insulation with our vibration insulation packs is still very good.

Football stadium of Nuremberg

Max-Morlock-Stadium in Nuremberg

Vibrations occured in the upper tiers of the north curve in the Max-Morlock-Stadium (formerly: Frankenstadium) in Nuremberg, produced by fans jumping around. Indeed, these vibrations cannot cause greater damage, but they give a feeling of insecurity and could lead to panic in the extreme case.

In order to prevent this, 13 steel girders with machine shoes of isoloc were built.

Initially, the vibration dampers already installed in other areas of the stadium were to be used. This would have caused costs amounting to 700,000 €. With the isoloc solution, that was realised in the beginning of the year 2006, the measure costed only 170,000 €.

Now the 1. FC Nuremberg has, in addition to the fans, some more support.

Impact insulation EUMUCO forging press

Vibration and impact insulation of forging presses Fabr. EUMUCO-HASENCLEVER with isoloc Press Bearing Systems Type D-F2-D.

The transmission of impact-like, transient and periodical disruptive forces could be reduced significantly.

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