Impact insulation crank presses


Source insulation of the press for the purpose of immission protection of a QS room with vibration-sensitive computers and measuring instruments in close proximity. Furthermore it was demanded that the level of the elastic bearing elements should be adjustable. After placing the press, a maximum height difference of 0.4 mm from mounting point to mounting point was permitted.
The requirements which had to be met by the vibration insulation packs of isoloc with regard to levelling stability were very high.

The setup was realized in 1999, since then the machine has been working trouble-free until now.

Source insulation of servo presses (1)

Servo presses belong to the force-bound press machines and can be used for almost every transforming operation. Their feature characteristics are the special drive concept, the direct drive by servo or torque engines. These torque engines reach their maximum torque already at low rotation speeds, nevertheless providing a very high level of dynamics. Thanks to the adjustable ram speed, the press can be opened or closed much faster, so that lower cycle times can be attained. To minimise the emission of noise, sound and impact of a servo press without the need to reduce the cycle times, a vibration insulated setup with vibration damping is recommended.

With its new mounting systems MULTIDAM MD (pat.) isoloc offers a cheap and technically well-matched solution.

The customer's tasks for this project:
Source insulation as well as the option to level this very heavy machine, which is connected to a belt conveyor. Compliance with the valid amplitudes of the elastically embedded machine in x-y-z direction.

After prior extensive calculations as well as a modal analysis of the concrete plate, the machine mounting systems MULTIDAM MD+UMS100/HP2D were integrated.

Machine data:

Servo press 8000-50
Machine weight:    2,452 kN
Ram- and tool weight:     400 kN
Dynamic forces:    1,810 kN
Press force:      8,000 kN
Total height of the machines:  9,500 mm
Setup date: December 2012

image: on isoloc mounted servo press with foundation
image: MULTIDAM MD+UMS100 in comparison to the smallest element of this product range

Source insulation of servo presses (2)

Tasks of the Customer:
Source insulation and the possibiltiy of the levelling of the press. Compliance with the permitted amplitudes of the elastically embedded machine in x-y-z direction.

Press mounting systems MULTIDAM® MD+UMS45/G2-I2

Machine data:
Servo Press Type 2000
Machine weight:    420 kN
Ram and tool weight:     70 kN
Acceleration of the ram: 30.25 m/s²
Stroke number : 140 strokes/min
Setup date: May 2011

image: on MULTIDAM+UMS mounted servo press

Source insulation of eccentric presses

Tasks of the customer:

Due to the not optimal place of installation – only 15 cm floor screed, gravel beneath – the reduction of the exciting forces has been very important for the customer. So far air springs in connection with a large steel plate have been installed for the vibration insulation of such presses. This solution is very laborious and expensive. The customer could be convinced that such a deep tuning is not necessary as the main excitation fe = 2 Hz (= 120 strokes/min.) is not insulated even by air springs.

Comparison of both measurements:
(only material costs, without setup costs)

                 Competitor         isoloc
costs      11,000.- €           1,328.- €
saving                                 9,672.- €

Press mounting systems with machine shoe UMS5-ASF, equipment with vibration insulation pack HD3

Machine data:
ebu-press H125FRiV,
weight 120 kN,
number of strokes 120 strokes/min.
date of installation: October 2014

The customer is very satisfied with the result. Especially the simple mounting and good levelling of the machine shoes as well as the calm machine standing were praised. The desired vibration insulation of the press was achieved.

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image: press mounting system HD3 with UMS
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