Punch laser machines

An AMADA EML Z 2515 AJ punching laser cutting machine had to be installed with vibration isolation so that the environment was not disturbed when the machine while the machine is running.

Since the machine also had certain accuracy requirements, the decision was made to isolate the oscillating foundation, which allows the machine to be set up in a highly elastic manner on isoloc vibration insulation packages B25-NP24 and at the same time keeps the vibration amplitudes small.

Tolarable vibration level:

Vibration acceleration during operation 0.49 m/s²; amplitude 5 µm


Machine weight = 269.8 kN; Weight of the concrete block = 643.5 kN


Dimension of the vibration isolated concrete block:

7.40m x 6.65m x 0.6m (length x width x depth)

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