Air conditioners

Vibrations and structure-borne sound can be caused by the operation of air conditioners.

A large air conditioner was isolated on the roof of a company building with our high-elastic Vibration Insulation Packs IPK66. 87 pieces of the elements were installed between a special steel body construction and the ceiling.

The exciting frequencies by pumps and compressors were 13.3 Hz, 24 Hz and 48.3 Hz.

Technical data of IPK66:
Vertical natural frequency approx. 7.6 Hz ( f0v ) of the insulation (precondition is a compressive stress of 15 N/cm²)
Horizontal natural frequency approx. 2.75 Hz ( f0h ) of the insulation
Damping grade vertical ( Dv ) approx. 12 %
Damping grade horizontal ( Dh ) approx. 11.6 %

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