Vibration Insulation Packs IPK

isoloc Vibration Insulation Packs IPK for the insulation against vibrations, impacts and structure-borne noise


  • A low stiffness of the insulating element is necessary to achieve an effective vibration insulation, which is provided by Vibration Insulation Packages IPK.
  • Advantages: vertical (dynamic) natural frequency under 5 Hz, at the same time high damping. This enables the coverage of the technically most important sections at source, receiver and impact insulations.
  • Free and unanchored setup of almost all machines, enabled by very high friction coefficients.
  • Unchanged elastic properties of the vibration insulation packs even with high dynamic loads.
    Example: heavy presses in the field of hot forming have been operating for more than 15 years all over the world in a three-shift rotation with constantly high insulation / absorption.



  • To be used for the purpose of vibration insulation at, e.g. sprung foundations for presses or fine processing machines.
  • Also in connection with our Universal Precision Machine Shoes UMS (pat.).
  • Furthermore for measuring machines, scales and laboratory devices or for complete building bearings, test-benches, transformers, air conditioners and mills.
  • For an optimal use, the application of our measuring and analyzing technologies is recommended beforehand.
vibration insulation of a pump test stand
sprung foundation insulation of a drive shaft test stand (weight 460 kN)
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