Spring-Damper FEDAM

isoloc Machine Mounting Systems FEDAM

Machine Mounting Systems FEDAM® are low-frequency vibration insulators which achieve low tunings (ƒov ≈ 3 to 5 Hz) with a damping degree D of 1 % to 10 %. The damper can be attached inside as well as outside of the spring.

FEDAM elements, with GPL anti-slip panels on the top and bottom, can be used free-standing or screwed together with foundation and machine.

Range of applications:

FEDAM elements are used for source insulation of ventilators, fans, blowers, air conditioners, compressors, emergency generators, pumps, textile machines, smaller presses, thermal power stations etc.; furthermore for the receiver insulation of vibration sensitive measuring machines, measuring devices, scales, test stands, control cabinets etc.

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