Screws and decoupling

isoloc bolt program for levelling discs and machine shoes


  • Levelling bolts with standard thread
  • Levelling bolts with fine thread
  • Levelling bolts made of stainless steel with fine and standard threads
  • NTS levelling bolts with pendable thread connections
  • NT levelling bolts with half-spherically shaped head
  • UMS threaded rods for the purpose of bolting the UMS machine shoes on to the machine or for
  • through-bore and anchoring to the floor together with adhesive anchors.
  • Insulation discs RONKAP 
  • On request, special bolts and special sizes can be provided even in small quantities


Important note

All levelling bolts are delivered in a totally pre-finished state with a support nut, locknut (DIN 934) and washers.

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