isoloc Machine Mounting Systems MULTIDAM® (pat.) - high stability in all space directions

  • For highest demands.
  • For source and receiver insulation.
  • For the damping of vibrations and impacts, which have a simultaneous effect in all spatial directions.
  • Absorption of vertical and horizontal loads as well as dynamic forces.
  • Effect: very effective vibration insulation, especially for machines with high dynamic mass forces.


  • Adjustable dynamic properties.
  • Approximately equal vertical and horizontal stiffness.
  • Very high damping (up to 30 %), optimal insulation of vibrations, structure-borne noises and impacts.
  • Free or solid setup in connection with the isoloc UMS system.
  • Calm posture of the machine.
  • Higher productivity of machine tools by higher accelerations, jerk and KV.
  • Better dimension accuracy.
  • Better surface quality.
  • Less wear of machine and tools.
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