Machine Shoes UMS8/SL Steel Line

isoloc Universal Precision Machine Shoes UMS8/SL and /SLZ (pat.) made of forged steel and inclined running surfaces

The new patented Universal Precision Machine Shoes of our steel line series are the consequent development due to steadily increased requirements in the machine-tool manufacturing.

  • Made of forged steel for high loads and stiffness.
  • Patented construction concept.
  • Very precise and jerk-free levelling of heaviest machines.
  • Different versions for loads of 1,000 N/element up to 80,000 N/element.
  • Excellent power transmission to the foundation respectively on our highly absorbing vibration insulation panels thanks to the double stiffness to comparable elements of cast iron.
  • Zero play due to the patented running surfaces inclined by 15°.
  • The machine shoes of the version SLZ allow a central screw connection.

Your advantages and your benefit

  • Due to the faster (not anchored) setup and levelling of your machines you reduce your installation costs by up to 50 %.
  • Thanks to the high stiffness of the SL series (c = 1666 kN/mm at a load magnitude of 100 kN), you can even better take advantage of the excellent damping of our vibration insulation panels.

This means to you:

  • A significant improvement of the dynamic properties (= higher kv-factor and jerk) of machine-tools, with less structure-borne sound and noise at the same time.
  • The patented construction with the running surfaces inclined by 15° has almost zero play.

This means to you:

  • High dynamics with no additional relative movements.
  • Excellent power transmission to the foundation, also if the installation is not anchored. 
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