UMS-ASF - screw-on or free-standing

Universal Precision Machine Shoe (pat.) UMS-ASF


Screws to bolt on to the machine:

M16 for UMS5-ASF/ UMS8-ASF
M20 for UMS18-ASF/ UMS30-ASF
M24 for UMS45-ASF
M36 for UMS100-ASF

ASF - screw-on to the machine or free-standing

Top side: delivery with Anti-Slip Panels GPL 3025 ex works. Bottom side: please select the desired Vibration Insulation Panel IPL.

Special equipment
Upon request with base enlarging plates BV for special requirements, e.g.

  • very high dynamics of a machine or
  • reduction of the contact pressure on the ground.

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Which vibration insulation panel (IPL) is suitable for your machine?

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