Levelling Discs NT, NTR, NTS

  • Preferably for machines which can be installed in a fixing-free manner.
  • Because of the modular construction concept the levelling bolts can be used in various ways.

isoloc Levelling Elements NT / NTE / NTR

  • Effective vibration and structure-borne noise insulation as well as reduction of noise.
  • Especially for smaller and lighter machines.
  • Equalization of tilts of up to 3º - 5°.
  • NTE made of stainless steel are very flat.
  • Used in the chemical industry or food industry and anywhere, where corrosion resistance is an important factor.
  • NTR are rectangular and suitable for higher loads.


  • With vibration insulation panels or vibration insulation packs in accordance to the vibration requirements.

System Advantage - spherical shape

  • Better dispersion of impact-like axial forces through a geometrically larger supporting surface with the bolt.
  • Advantage: No notch effect - as is the case with cone-shaped screw tips.

isoloc Levelling Elements NTS / NTSE

  • For the fixing-free setup, preferably of smaller and moderately heavy machines.
  • Provide all advantages of the vibration and structure-borne noise insulation.
  • Fast and technically simple level equalization in case of tilts of up to 5º.
  • In the stainless steel version (NTSE): especially for the use in the food industry and chemical industry.

Simple Connection

The levelling bolt and the levelling disc are connected with each other in an undetachable way thanks to a very easy system.

A repositioning of the machine can be carried out in an absolutely trouble-free manner, as the whole levelling disc remains at the foot of the machine while the machine is lifted.

Scope of Delivery

The element requires always an isoloc levelling bolt. Please indicate the required bolt size and length while placing your order.

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