Bearing plate for measuring and laboratory equipment


Isoloc vibration isolating bearing plates are the solution for the protection of vibration-sensitive measuring and laboratory
equipment up to a weight of 1,000 N *.

With different elastic feet, without and with leveling.

Your advantages:

- Easy to implement source or receiver isolation for vibration
- sensitive measuring and laboratory equipment, in Connection
  with sturdy sockets / tables
- Low memory natural frequencies: 12.5 Hz in the vertical direction
  Direction for a good receiver isolation
- Anchor-free installation, thereby deeper Assembly time / costs
- Versatile use in industrial manufacturing environments
  Laboratories and measuring rooms up to clean rooms
- maintenance free
- simple construction
- Flexible use, portable use of your measuring instruments

- Sensitive table devices in general
- Measuring device
- Microscopes
- laboratory equipment
- Test equipment
- Optical devices
- Small roughness and roundness measuring instruments
- hardness tester
- Electronic scales
- Analytical Balances
- Microbalances 

* applies to variants:
- PURDAM IL65 (Art.-Nr.: 11853)
- NTS55-M12/B25-NP2 (Art.-Nr.: 11871)
- NTS55-M12/HE2-NP2 (Art.-Nr.: 11872)

Fig.1 : isoloc bearing plate with B25-NP2 assembly
Fig. 2 : isoloc bearing plate with IL65 assembly
Fig.3 : isoloc bearing plate with IL16 assembly
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