Anti-Slip Panels GPL

isoloc Anti-Slip Protection and Distance Panels GPL

  • Free setup of machines without special fixing.
  • Equalization of even larger unevenness on the floor.
  • Possible to cut to required dimensions with scissors.
  • To be used in connection with Universal Precision Machine Shoes UMS (pat.) or Vibration Insulation Panels IPL.


Design and technical data:

GPL 3025* / 4025**
with a thickness of 2.8 mm, size 500 x 500 mm
GPL 3050* / 4050**
with a thickness of 5.0 mm, size 500 x 500 mm
* high-strength material with good anti-slip protection
   properties μ = 0.99 to 1.31
** more elastic material with the best anti-slip protection 
    properties μ = 0.99 to 2.30
ISOLOC Gleitschutz- und Distanzplatten GPL
anti-slip protection and distance panels GPL
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