Air-Spring Systems AIRDAM

AIRDAM air suspension systems enable highly effective receiver and source insulation of vibrations and structure-borne sound for machines and equipment assemblies. In addition, the systems are ideal for resolving vibration problems in ceiling installations.


Elastomer-metal connection with screwed-on base plate, air chamber made from elastomer reinforced with steel rings, air supply via car tyre valve. Elastomer body in CR quality with high elasticity, oil resistance and ageing resistance. Ten design sizes are available to choose from.

The benefits to you:

- Low-frequency source or receiver insulation for high degrees of
  vibration insulation, which reduces the strain on people,
  machines and buildings.
- Low vertical stiffness for very low natural installation
  frequencies: 3 Hz - 5 Hz.
- Anchorless assembly in conjunction with our GPL anti-slip
  panels, consequently shorter assembly time/lower costs.'
- Still operational even without pressure.
- Natural frequency without pressure: 8 - 10 Hz.
- Large levelling range: +/- 5 mm or +/- 6 mm, air pressure control.

Areas of application:

- Measuring machines
- Measuring table panels
- Foundations
- Punching/nibbling machines
- Compressors
- Fans
- Air conditioning units
- Pumps
- Test beds
- ... and many more


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