Ergonomic-medical workplace mats for standing jobs

Work at standing workstations can also be made comfortable

Isoloc ERGOMED®, ERGOLASTEC and ERGOPUR are medical-ergonomic workplace mats enabling a less tiring standing at work and therefore play an important role in the field of occupational safety.

Your benefit:

  • High productivity and motivation of your employees.
  • More humane workplaces through verifiably gentle effect on joints and spinal column.
  • Easy adjustment to the workplace. The mats can be shaped as necessary.
  • Noise and footfall sound absorbing effect.
  • Cold floors are "isolated".
  • Slip-resistant surfaces.

You can find further information in our product catalogue about Ergonomic Mats for Standing Workplaces.


Best quality by using high-grade elastomer materials; versatile usage. Available in the versions oil resistant (oil), hardly inflammable (B1) in accordance to DIN 4102 Section 1 or especially for the food / luxury food industry (L).


Ideal for standing workplaces, where chips occur. ERGOLASTEC can be provided with or without holes. Excellent stability and lying strength.

Our ERGOFLEX Plus oil with holes is resistant against mineral oil and slip-resistant. Thus it is very suitable at workplaces with a high level of oil and emulsion pollution.

Examined quality:


The ERGOPUR mat made of permanently elastic PUR soft integral foam - the intelligent system for ergonomics at the workplace.
The puzzle systems at their sides enable the connection of the mats with each other.

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